Greek casino players discover the perks of gambling with 77Jackpot Casino

77Jackpot Casino is traditionally regarded as online casinos serving almost exclusively players from Sweden, so the 77jackpotlogorecent press releases very interesting.

Apparently, Greek players have realize the advantages of placing their wagers here and their number is clearly on the rise. The selection of games, the availability of special bonuses as well as the advantages of playing these games on mobile devices have swayed them.

The Greek market is also in the process of getting regulated and within the next three years, licenses will be issued. While there is no shortage of online casinos serving customers from within borders, many of them are located in other countries.

They don’t necessarily abide by the local rules and this is simply the result of Greek authorities being unable to pass the necessary laws.

The cash-strapped nation is trying to make amends and in an attempt of bringing more cash to state coffers, they pay more attention to online gambling. The interest for local players is obviously on the rise, so at the end of the day this effort is going to deliver the expected results.


The first steps have already been made and a couple of operators are ready to enter the market, as soon as they will be allowed to apply for a license.

The deputy finance minister was the one to spearhead the offensive and he spent a lot of time in the spotlight, talking to the media. The licensing system is going to be a better variant of the existing framework, which leaves plenty of decisions the chance.

Over the last couple of months, seemingly contradictory laws have been passed and even though the intentions were to create a stable framework, the results were quite the opposite.

77Jackpot Casino could be entering the market in a more efficient way and it definitely helps that the online casino is already popular with local players. Some online casinos were granted temporary licenses in 2012, when the gambling authorities came up with a licensing plan.

Obviously, they didn’t follow up with new regulations and online casinos are not satisfied by the manner in which the market is regulated.

The ones who abide by all the rules and have no intention to shortchange players or evade local authorities are the ones that are encouraging lawmakers to pass more laws.

At the time of writing, the local market doesn’t generate too much money for the Greek government, but this is expected to change over the next five years. If everything goes according to the plan and the licensing program is successful, as much as €500 million will be raised each year.

77Jackpot Casino could emerge as a reliable partner for local players and also a serious source of income for the government. There are more online casinos waiting to enter the market and at least 24 of them are ready to make the commitments required by the Greek government.