Grand Parker Casino sends players on a trip to Vegas

Grand Parker Casino is the place where most dreams came true for those who travel to Atlantic grandparkerCity searching a good time.

The online casino has plenty of surprises to offer land-based locations and equally tempting proposition is to make over the Internet.

Recently, they worked towards expanding the portfolio of online games, by adding slots produced by multiple software developers. In order to attract players and convince them to spin the reels of these latest additions, the casino also runs special promotions.

The latest offer is also the one most likely to attract amateurs, as well as professional gamblers. Its prize is an all paid vacation to Las Vegas. Some might be surprised to hear that the casino chose Sin City instead of Atlantic City, where it has a more active presence.

At the same time, it is only fair to assume that the players are happier with this decision, since this is a great place to visit. With all the financial expenses being taken care of by the casino, including pocket money, the winners can enjoy a great time.Living the dream by playing game a brick-and-mortar casino in Las Vegas is easier today than ever before.

The tournament has started the beginning of October and it was at the cornerstone of the very successful marketing campaign.

One doesn’t have to brag too much about this new offer, since the terms and conditions speak for themselves. The winner is going to win a package worth $10,000 which needs to be spent exclusively in Las Vegas over short period of time.

Three hours don’t look like much, but when you have this much money available, you can easily make the transition to higher limits. There is no better way to enjoy the thrills of being a highroller than by using money offered to you by someone else.

Their rules are simple and make perfect sense, since players get whatever profits they make up of $10,000. This will present them with the impetus to move up the stakes much faster and take additional chances, therefore act as highrollers.

This is the first prize and a very tempting package, but there are other payouts and prizes up for grabs. The runner-up will enjoy similar experience only in London and the amount they will receive will be significantly less. There will be other cash prizes and free spins off different magnitudes, so nobody will go home empty handed.