Casino777 awards Yin and Yang payouts

Yin and Yang payouts are the most recent bonuses awarded to those who play the new games introduced by Casino777logo-casino777 casino.

You need to spend some time at the Macau blackjack tables this weekend if you hope to collect these paychecks which can go as high up as €100.

Just take a seat any day between 7 PM and 2 PM from Friday to Sunday and you might have a chance to add some easy cash to your bankroll.

You should be searching for the lucky Dragon cards as you play blackjack, because this will allow you to spin the celebrated Macau wheel. This is where the prizes come in increments of €100 at a time and the same paychecks can be won on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


The idea is to give players more flexibility and allow them to choose the time of the week when they feel comfortable playing, without putting them at a disadvantage.

Every single day as many as seven Dragon cards will be awarded and this will happen 50 times per day, so you will have numerous opportunities. There will be presented by the table host, so pay attention to what these guys signal, because you could be one of the lucky winners. Only the player who chose to place the main bet will be eligible for a price, so if you are betting behind there is no chance for you.

The Dragon cards are numbered from 1 to 7 and they will be conveniently displayed across the entire blackjack table. Those who are familiar with the game will have no problem in picking up on the vibes and they will know immediately if they end up winning something. When a player is selected by the promotion host to win a bonus, he will be eligible for an amount ranging from €10 to a maximum of €50.